Family Offices

The Challenges of Modern Family Offices

The financial markets are dominated by institutional and their investment platforms, with an overwhelming investment and funds management bias towards investment options relating to their own platforms. This clearly illustrates the conflict of interest inherent within the financial advisory & family office management sectors.

The co-ordination and management of these key financial disciplines is pivotal to the integration of our clients evolving financial objectives. Market fluctuations are inevitable and require dedicated research and re-evaluation.

The Solutions

We don’t offer our clients products or fund manager based solutions. As a result we are absolutely focused on our client’s needs and unhindered by “home office” policies or sales driven targets.

We’re committed to providing the most appropriate investment opportunities and financial solutions for each client’s individual needs. In doing so, we source a wide range of solutions from leading providers within Australia and around the world.

You will not find pre-packaged investment products under our program, rather our approach is to identify the key financial issues based on your current position; provide a comprehensive review and risk analysis of your current investment structure, worldwide tax exposure and asset performance; and subsequently design and develop the most appropriate, objective investment solution catering to your specific needs.

Ours is a passionately collaborative community of nationalities. We have the deep roots and knowledge of the language and culture of business required, to address the nuances of local markets worldwide.