The Pegasus group is 100% owned by it’s professional advisers who work directly within the group. No institution or financial product distributor holds equity within group, allowing us a framework for the provision of truly unbiased and market leading advice.

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly identify the key investment, taxation, strategic and legislative issues facing our clients in today’s markets. As a result we are ideally positioned to develop solutions, which are commercially effective and legislatively viable.

The co-ordination and management of these key financial disciplines is pivotal to the integration of our clients evolving financial objectives. Market fluctuations are inevitable and require dedicated research and re-evaluation.

Our experts, partner with each private client to deliver a specifically designed financial strategy, tailored to their precise individual circumstances and financial objectives.

In engineering our strategies we intimately understand these market forces and ensure our private clients are placed at the forefront of investment opportunities as they develop.

The Pegasus philosophy is to provide our clients with ultimate decision-making control and total flexibility in determining their family investment, tax and financial strategies.

Your adviser will work with you to identify key financial issues based on your current position, provide a comprehensive review and risk analysis of your portfolio structure; investment strategies; and asset performance and offer the most appropriate, objective advice on a broad range of solutions.

We don’t offer our clients products or fund manager based solutions. We’re committed to providing the most appropriate investment opportunities and financial solutions for each client’s individual needs.

In doing so, we source a wide range of solutions from leading providers within Australia and around the world.

Our private family office wealth advisory service provides:

  • Internationally qualified experts and advisors
  • Global family office solutions with a local market focus
  • Financial strategy development, implementation & wholesale placement
  • Taxation strategy, structuring and integration of worldwide legal and accounting compliance requirements
  • Family Office profiling and wholesale placement
  • A full range of bespoken high-quality proprietary investment strategies and services to suit your needs, sourced from market leading Investment Banks; Hedge Funds and Internationally renowned Investment specialists.
  • Private equity & IPO investment vehicle development & investment offerings
  • Property investment evaluation, syndication and development analysis
  • Regular strategic advice on your family office investment requirements, covering:
    – Asset allocation
    – Portfolio risk assessment
    – Private equity, IPO’s and syndicated investments
    – Worldwide tax planning & execution services
    – Wealth & asset retention strategic advisory services
  • Experienced investment implementation with advice provided by leading market analysts and researchers from around the world.